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Gplex Realty

Gplex Realty is an established and distinguished real estate agency specializing in both primary and secondary markets and under a group of Googolplex Holdings Berhad. With offices nationwide in Malaysia and Jakarta, we pride ourselves in our extensive manpower with thousands in the field, soon targeting East Malaysia in a bid to continuously expand our reach and potential in our domain.

Within primary markets, we are currently rapidly expanding and serving more than 50 developers, with a record of selling more than 300 projects over the years. Our milestones include selling 800 units in 3hours, organising a unit selection event with more than 1,000 people attending in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, as well as 500 buyers to Kuantan event. Over the years, we have sold a unified property value of more than RM 5 billion.

A factor in our success over the years lies heavily with our strong, mobilized internal teams – from sales, IT, marketing, project development, training, finance, legal and international marketing. We would not be where we are today, without these hands that continue to hold up our name.

Under the branding of Gplex Realty, the group aspires to create a truly “Made in Malaysia” Real Estate Agency (REA) brand that subscribes to the highest standards of ethical values and professionalism, with regional presence throughout the ASEAN emerging markets.

In order to franchise the brand to the targeted markets, the Group has outlined the key initiatives below:

Continuous Branding campaigns
Fully integrated online sales submission and management system (GOS – Gplex Online System)
Training systems (Our People Represent Our Brand)
Driven by innovation and creativity to meet the needs of discerning property buyers, Gplex Realty is committed to deliver quality service to the highest standards of ethical values and professionalism.


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